2.1.1        Centre for Agricultural  Mechanisation and Rural Technology  

2.1.1        Introduction:

    The Centre is a parastatal Organisation under the Ministry of Industries.

  The aim of the Centre is to improve the quality of rural life through development, adoption and   dissemination of appropriate technologies in of agricultural mechanisation, water supply and energy. Apart from the on station responsible for production and extension of services to ensure transfer of developed technologies to the community.            

The Centre offers consultancy services for the production and use of farm implements, rural transportation, low-cost house construction, water and sanitation energy and publications. CAMARTEC  accepts purpose orders for the listed items details, which can be bought at reasonable prices.


2.1.2        Items exhibited at Nguvu Kazi/Jua Kali Show:   

The centre displayed quite a number of items including;


(a)        Parabolic solar cooker:

The cooker consists of a parabolic concentrator and a steel frame to pivot the concentrator is made of steel, to hold the cooking vessel. The concentrator is made of steel, frame mirror for reflector and concrete for the stand. With sunshine the cooker delivers 1000 watts effective cooking power. The maximum temperature obtainable is 4000C at the focal zone

                Plate 1. Parabolic solar cooker :

 Up to 5 kg of food can be cooked at one time.  The cooker has to be adjusted towards the direction sun position every 20 minutes. The use of this solar cooker contributes to reduction of environmental degradation.

It is a high temperate and efficient cooker that can be used to cook all types of foods. The average cooking time is 2 hours.  

(Plate 1) Price    =       Tsh 150,000


(b) Box solar cooker:

The cooker is constructed from wood, galvanized sheet, plain glass, cotton waste, plywood, blackboard paint and a few metal parts. This is a low temperature (1500C) thus a low efficient cooker. The cooking time ranges from 3 to 5 hours. This cooker does not require adjustment  direction sun position.

Price: Tsh 45,000


(c)   Cinvaram  machine:

A machine for compacting soil cement blocks of dimension 100mm x 140mm x 290mm. Soils of clay content more than 30% are suitable and for pure clay soil savid is added to modify consistency. The average content of cement added in manufacturing the block is 6%. A bag of cement can give between 100-120 blocks. The technology substitutes burnt soil blocks and saves environment degradation in terms of fuel wood harvesting.  

The machine measures 400mm high by 180mm wide by 350mm long and weighs 60kg. It is a welded mild steel construction.

Price: Tsh 120,000


(d)   Ram press

A machine designed to extract oil from a variety of oilseeds such as sunflower, sesame, coconuts and groundnuts. Raising and pulling down a long handle, which drives a steel ram into a cage cylinder in which the seeds are pressed, operates it. The stroke of the handle goes from the vertical position to waist level. One person can operate the machine for several hours.


When the handle is in an upright position the steel ram is pushed out and seeds  fed in from the hopper into the cage. Each time the handle is pressed down a stream of oil comes out from the underside of the cage. Since whole seed is being pressed, the oil that comes out of the cage cylinder will be of the seed hull colour and thus has to be purified before use.

The methods used for purifying the oil include boiling in water, using a paper or cloth filter, or putting the oil in a container and setting it aside until the impure particles settle to the bottom.

 Price: Tsh. 120,000  

Plate 2: Water heater and ram press


(e)   Water heater

A cylindrical tank with a capacity of 112 litres used for water heating. The heater uses by products of a timber factory i.e waste trees, timber, sawdust and afrc-by products (rise husks, corn cobs) and other waste business. The average heating time is 30 minutes. The temperature obtainable ranges from 60-700C. the amount of woodfuel required is 3 kg. The materials for the tank are stainless steel  and mild steel sheets.

 Price: Tsh 350,000(Stainless steel)

 Tsh 120,000 (Mild steel)


(f) Sawdust stove .

This is an improved portable household stove that uses sawdust, rice husks and dry animal dung from a Kraal. It is easy to set up, use and does not pollute the cooking place. It takes an average of 4 hour to use per charge of hardwood sawdust and 6 hours or more per charge of rice husks or animals dung.  The stove is constructed from mild steel sheet, round bar, square bar, flat bar and black pipe. 

(Plate 3)Price Tshs 15,000/=  

Plate 3.  

Sawdust Stoves and Ram Press: 


Contact address: CAMARTEC, P.O. BOX 764,  ARUSHA.  


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