2.3 “Kampuni ya Kusambaza Technologia” (KAKUTE)

2.3.1        Introduction:

“KAKUTE” is a company for Appropriate Technology Dissemination.  It  is a private limited liability company whose founding members have acquired extensive knowledge after working under a number of reputable institutions / organisations for more than ten years.

The objective of “KAKUTE” is to provide consultancy in developing appropriate technologies to the rural community after research and management to related activities and manufacture of products i.e agricultural inputs (machinery). 

The Company has been enhancing the capacity of the private sector to meet the needs of rural community through marketing and sale of appropriate technology, provision of training, technical assistance and consultancy.


2.3.2    KAKUTE participation in Jua Kali / Nguvu Kazi exhibition

The following items were exhibited by the company;

(a) Jatropha curcas  a shrub like tree species known as Physic nut or wild castor (Kiswahili Mbono), fast growing, long lived shrub which is both planted and naturalised throughout the tropics and sub tropics. The shrub is a multipurpose species that can be used as a hedgerow, medicinal, wildlife and domestic animal barrier, wind barrier and water erosion control. It improves soil conservation and agricultural productivity  for  income generation.

Jatropha seeds are used to extract oil which is a raw material in soap production. 

The oil is also a lighting fuel cooking and bio – diesel engine fuel (Plate 8). All these are sources of income which in turn improve the standard of living in rural areas.

Plate 8: Jatropha curcas


(b)    Oil pressing machine:  

A machine (Plate 9) designed to extract oil from a variety of oil seeds such as sunflower, sesame, coconuts and groundnuts. Raising and pulling down a long handle, which drives a steel ram into a cage cylinder in which the seed is pressed, operates it.

The stroke of the handle goes from the vertical position to waist level. One person can operate the machine for several hours. When the handle is in an upright position the steel ram is pushed out and feed in  seeds from the hopper into the cage. Each time the handle is pressed down a stream of oil comes out from the underside of the cage.

Since whole seed is being pressed, the oil that comes out of the cage cylinder will be the colour of the seed hull and thus has to be purified  before use.

The methods used for purifying the oil include boiling in water, using a paper or cloth filter, or putting the oil in a container and setting it aside until the impure particles settle to the bottom.  

Plate. 9  Oil pressing machine:


(c)   Shallow well pump:

A shallow well pump (Plate 10)  is made of steel plate for pumping water from shallow wells. It can pump water up to 1,500 litres per hour under manual operation whereas  using windmill can pump water up to 3000 litres per hour.

This is a cheap pump that can be made locally with low cost of maintenance.

Price Tshs. 180,000

Plate 10.  Shallow well pump :


(d) Fuel saving stoves:

The  stove can be made from  scrap metals  and  very  easy  to make. The stove uses little amount of  charcoal  (Plate 11).  

Price  up  to Tshs. 9,000.


Plate 11: Fuel  saving stove :

Other items displayed include Jatropha curcas products (Soap and oil), sawdust stove, different oil seeds and interlocking cinvan ram machine for making blocks.  

2.3.3.   Public relationship and services  

The Company conduct training in rural technologies,  manufacturing, supply and installation of biogas plants. Also conduct need assessment for alternative income generating activities.

For more information please contact:-

The Director,
Tel:255 27-504549, 
Fax:255 27-2544549

Mobile: 255 741-652021,

Email: Kakute@white yellow com.


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