2.3      Tanzania Engineering and Manufacturing Design Organisation


2.4.1    Introduction


Reliable energy supply is of paramount importance to any country because it improves welfare and enhances the standard of living in almost every aspect.

While the world is still looking for energy supply alternatives which are cheap cost effective, affordable and environmentally friendly, TEMDO has come up with the use of waste (used) lubrication oil as a fuel or source of energy for domestic and commercial use both in urban and rural areas.

After running for about 2000 km each motor vehicle has to replace its engine lubrication oil. The waste oil after being discarded normally finds its way to roads, rivers and on the land and becomes a pollutant to the environment.

Use of the waste lub-oil as a fuel to substitute fuelwood assists in conserving the environment and reduces pollution to some extent.  It is through this outlook that TEMDO designed waste oil and  multi-purpose stoves that use waste lub-oil as fuel to reduce the adverse impacts of deforestation for biodiversity and environmental conservation.


2.4.2    Participation of TEMDO

  With support from UNDP-GEF East African Crossborder Biodiversity project/TAF, TEMDO exhibited the following equipment;


            (a) Waste-oil stove- without oven and water heater.

Meant for cooking a variety of food  stuff. Uses less than 1 litre of waste oil mixed with water in the ratio of 3:1 per hour (Plate 12).

The unit cost is Tshs 100,000/=

Plate 12.  Waste oil stove without oven  and water heater


(b)  Multipurpose stove (fig. 1 and plate 13).


The stove is better suited for household use institutions, restaurants hospitals etc.

The stove combines a hot plate for cooking, an oven for baking and a water heater in one unit.

Cost: Tshs 200,000

Fig 1 Multipurpose stove




Plate 13. Multipurpose stove



Key feature of the stoves


         Very low operating costs

         Very simple to operate and easy repair

         Environmentally friendly and also friendly to human   

         Fuel requirement-one litre of waste (used) oil per hour of

continues use.

         Efficiency - can cook beans in 1 hour

         Multi-purpose use baking, cooking & water heating

         Boil water in 10 minutes

         Roast meat in 15 to 20 minutes.


How to use the multi-purpose stove.

         Fill the tanks with waste oil and water respectively

         Open fully the air regulator door

         Place a small amount of ash with kerosene under the ignition plate.

         Light the ash with a match.

         Wait for about 5 minutes to allow the ignition plate to be hot.

         Release a thin stream of oil to fall on the ignition plate

         The resulting explosion changes to frying sound, which is a series of small explosions.

         Adjust oil and water to obtain clean smoke. The recommended oil to water ratio is about 3:1


( c)       The pedal operated seed treater  

Seed treatment is one of the most efficient and environmentally friendly ways of crop protection. In many African countries traditional seed treaters treat only a small portion of the seeds, and the rest are planted without any protection.

Through UNIDO assistance TEMDO developed a pedal operated seed-treating machine.


The reason for developing the machine was the need particularly in Africa for a low-cost, small-intermediate size seed treater. The developed seed treater combines efficient mixing with simple, rugged construction.

The TEMDO seed treater is intended for treating different types of seeds/grains very evenly with liquid, slurry or powder chemicals.

The machine which weighs 73kgs has a capacity of 5 kgs of seed per batch and can be used to treat up to one tonne of seed per hour, The TEMDO seed treater is selling at Tshs. 450,000


2.4.3        Public relations and market sources

TEMDO- publishes brochures for business promotion and exhibits their products to different exhibitions.

They have explored markets in different parts of the country     including  Zanzibar.


For more information contact:

The Director General,



Tel: 255 27-2508058, 6220, 
255 27-2548318  
Telex: 42134 TEMDO TZ.

E-mail: Temdo@habari co.tz.


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