News & Pictures From Bukoba:


 Picture 1a. Picture 1b Picture 1c
   Above:  Forest Patrol by the local leaders. Photos 24/ Oct/ 01.
Mr. Pesha ward executive officer Kasambya and two village executive officers, last two weeks faces some pitsaurius bandits in the forest who hid and initiated illegal logging.
 Mr. Pesha and his two colleagues (veos) were beaten hard by the group of some 20 illegal pitswayers. Mr. Pesha left unconscious was 
 rescued by villagers almost midnight after being left  unconscious and bleeding in the forest for more than 10 hrs.
                  He is now recovering.
                  Picture (1a) is Mr. Pesha, 
                  Picture (1b) is Mr. & Mrs Pesha.
                  Picture (1c) is the group photo, a visit to see Mr. Pesha with:
                  1. Acting District executive Director.
                  2. Representative of the District commissioner.
                  3. District National Resource Officer.
                  4. District  Forest Officer.
                  5. Field project Officer
                  6. National Project Manager & Technical officer.

* The Government has taken the right steps to that effect.

Picture 2a Picture 2b.
Above:  The water hyacinth ornamental group has diversed their supplies to  a use of bark cloth and banana items. The group is making good money and they sell almost all their items manufactured.
Picture 2a , is the various wall hangings demonstration. The group makes chairs, camp shades, ear nugs, post cards , envelopes from the water hyacinth.
Picture 2b, shows some of the members at Kasambya parish Bukoba.

Picture 3a Picture 3b Picture 3c
Above:   Boundary demarkation.
Map reading at the Forest Border.
Picture 3a. (members, Acting DED, DC, representative, FPO, NPM and environment committee member) Bukoba district authority with support from Forest and Bee keeping division were facilitated by our project to demarkate the forest boundary.
This photos were taken at the boundary edge. The forest boundary has been planted with live boundary trees at any corner a beacon 
( Photo 3c) was been made and  (photo 3b) directional trenches dug at all corners.
The environment committee participated fully in the boundary demarkation which included boundary variation  to include
Potential forest area and exclude already inhabited area.
The Minziro forest area has grown by some 10% area, Local leaders participated fully in order to avoid any community clashes over boundaries.

Picture 4a Picture 4b Picture 4c Picture 4d



Photos taken 29/0ct/01
Traditional use and alternative income generation activity.
The Bukoba rural community make bark cloth from ficus tree barks. Picture 4a, is of a recently debarked tree which a bark
( seen on picture 4b)  of some 4 X 4 metres was made.
The ficus tree grows  a new harvestable layer of the bark every year. The tree does not die as other trees do after they are debarked.
Picture 4c, shows the expert villager with his tools to manufacture the cloth and demonstrate the activity.
Picture 4d, shows the interface of the area debarked and that not debarked. This tree has been debarked each year for some 
twelve years already.