The Village of Chome consists of four areas. Ngwaga, Mhero, Ngujini Forest and Mabondeni.
The entire region has an estimated population of 25,000 people. This region is surrounded by mountains whose climate changes from time to time. Its vegetation is typical of the equatorial type of climate. The elevation of this village is approximately 6575 feet high and the Shengena peak is estimated to be at 7225 feet high. The village is accessible by two major roads, known as Ikokoa road and Msanga road. These roads were surveyed and constructed by the locals lead by Mzee Mndima, Mzee Kisaka, Mzee Mkwavi Mongola and Mzee Francis Makange. Both men and women of Chome from 1960 - 1963 contributed all their livelihood and manpower for the completion of the road. Many gave their cattle and crops to feed the work force and they dedicated both roads for the generations to come.


Chome has five primary schools and two secondary schools. From these five primary schools, the entire nation of Tanzania has benefited as many of the present high level government officials have passed their early years at these institutions and have become commercial pilots, engineers, bankers, ministers, doctors and lawyers. Those who did not get a chance of continuing with further education became local farmers who were able to utilize the land and feed the entire village.

In some cases they were able to sell their crops to the neighboring areas to generate cash flow, In earlier years coffee was the main cash crop o f the are but due to changes in ecology this crop has failed completely and nowadays the farms relies on growing cabbages, onions, potatoes and tomatoes for cash crops. Timber also has been used to generate cash flow until the recent government closed the forest for preservation. UNDP has been a tool for providing literature and demonstration on how to preserve the forest and the environment for the future use. This materials have been distributed to the villagers through Chome Information Centre at Kisaka Villa Inn.


Throughout Chome Village and the forest of Shengena, many plants are known to be herbal medicine and have been used by centuries by the villagers and visitors as well. To learn more about these medicinal plants come to Chome Information Center and  you will be introduced to our local experts in this area of traditional medicine.


Recently the village of Chome has seen big progress in many areas which affect our daily lives. In the past two years the village has electricity, telephone, clean water, one health center and a three star hotel. we are still looking to opening another secondary school ( Chome SDA Secondary School .