A         Formal Project Documents and Reports

1                     Operational Signed Project Document

2                     Project Inception Report

3                     Annual Project Reports (APR)  National to Annual Tri-Partite Reviews

4                     Project Implementation Reviews (PIR) from the Regional Project to GEF

5                     The Revised Log-Frame and Project Map. (Based on D1 - see below).

6                     Annual Reports by RTA, and National Project Managers[1]

7                     Annual Workplans, Quarterly Workplans1


B         Project Institutions - Minutes and Reports

1                     Minutes of the Regional Tri-Partite Reviews

2                     Minutes of National TPRs and Steering Committees1

3                     Minutes of Site Level Steering Committees

4                     Minutes of Regional Technical Planning Committee meetings (RTPC).


C            Newsletters and Project Brochures

1                   Brochures and Newsletters: Regional and National from the three countries


D        Project Reports at Regional Level

1                   Consultancy Process on Participatory Site Planning and M and E. Parts 1, 2 ,3.

2                   Taita Workshop Report on Integrating Biodiversity into Site Plans

3                   ICDP Training Planning Documents


E         Project Site Plans (Using D1 methodologies)1

1                   Site Plans Tanzania, Site Plans Uganda, Site Plans Kenya


F         Issue Based Reports1

1                   Study -Tour Reports from participants

2                   Workshop Outputs and  Consultant Reports - Country Specific


G         Issue Papers for the MTR  

1                     Understanding the Project Log Frame

2                     Summary of the Regional Consultancy Process on Participatory Planning & M&E

3                     The Concept and Practice of Regionalism

4                     The Kenya Issue - Delays in Funding and Subsequent Activity

5                     Capacity Building

6                     Partnerships

7                     Local Ownership and Country Drivenness - The Case of Kajiado in Kenya

8                     GEF and Leveraging Extra Resources

9                     Alternative Resource Use Strategies and Alternative Income Generation Strategies

10                 Sustainability

11                 BaseLine Surveys - Livelihoods, Perceptions and Resource Use

[1] National reports will be distributed in specific countries in many cases.

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