1          District teams and national ownership                                  Kenya

2            Partnerships - comparing approaches Ug and Tz                 Uganda

3            Sustainability Issues                                                           Tanzania

4            Capacity Building Issues                                                   Regional

5          The Sejal Process                                                                Regional

6            Regional Interactions                                                          Region & Tanzania

7            Alternative Incomes     

                        Introduction                                                              Uganda & Region

                        Income Generation

                                    Bee-Keeping                                                  Done (Tz)

                                    Coffee                                                            Uganda (See Sejal)

                                    Water Hyacinth                                               Tanzania

                                    Improved Agriculture                                       Uganda

                        Alternative Resource Use

                                    Fuel-Wood Stoves                                            Tanzania

                                    Bio-digesters                                                    Tanzania

                                    On Farm Tree Resources                                 Uganda

8                     Baseline Monitoring

Linking BD to Poverty Reduction                                   Tanzania

Baseline - Livelihoods                                                    Uganda

Baseline - Biodiversity

            General                                                               Regional

            Borders etc                                                          Uganda

9          Co-Finance and Leveraging                                                            Tanzania

10         Update of Inception Report - who where what                                ALL

11            Indicators etc                                                                            Regional


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