No Title Agency Focal Area Country Type Amount* Year Notes
FULL PROJECTS              
R1 Lake Victoria Environment Management Prog WB BD / IW KTZ Full 35 mill 1996 Ongoing
R4 Inst Support to Conservation of EA Biodiversity UNDP BD KTU Full 10mill 1992-6 Over in 1996
R5 Reducing Biodiversity Loss at Cross Border sites UNDP BD KTU Full 12.6mill 1998 5 year project
R6 Birdlife, NGO - Govt Partnerships UNDP BD 10 Africa Full 4mill 1997 Nature Kenya is National NGO Partner
R7 Land Degradation Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda UNDP/EP BD - LD KTU B   1999 Amboseli area / possibly Turkana as well
R9 Rift Valley Lakes of East Africa UNDP/EP BD Eth,T K B   1998 Joint implementation through 2 Agencies
R10 Coastal Forests of East Africa UNDP BD K T A   1998 Lead from MOU - KWS/KFD. Add NMK?
R11 Desert Margins UNEP BD LD many B   1999 ICRISAT leads
R12 PLEC (People Land & Environmental Change) UNEP BD TR KTU Full   1998 KARI from UN University
R13 Botanical Zoological Taxonomic Networks UNDP BD KTU Eth Pipe     First planning meeting in Nairobi July 29
R14 Dryland Indigenous Vegetation UNEP BD K,Bo,Mali Full   1998 Kenya sites in Marsabit & Turkana
R16 Biodiversity Data Management UNEP BD 10 World Full   1996-8 Project over as of 30/8/96
R17 Soil Biodiversity UNEP BD Several Full   1999 NMK as National Partner
K1 Tana River Conservation Project WB BD K Full 6.2mill 1996  
K2 Lewa Downs Conservancy WB BD K A   1998 Block A Approved
K3 Imenti Forest Reserve UNDP BD K Idea   2000 Ongoing discussions
K4 Kakamega Forest UNDP BD K Idea   2000 Discussions linking with ICIPE inputs
SMALL GRANTS PROGRAMME UNDP BD CC K On   1997 Several projects in place
Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan WB BD K EA 0.125 1997 Completed with National Funding
Insect - Grassland Relationships UNEP BD K & others   1998 ICIPE. Approved
Land Degradation - Biodiversity Linkages UNEP BD KTU Idea   1999 Developing - ILRI, Makerere, ACC


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