The GEF is a Multi-National Trust Fund Mechanism which supports globally significant environment activity world wide, in the four fields of:

    *                Biodiversity

    *                Climate Change and Global Warming

    *                International Waters, and

    *                Reducing Ozone Depleting Substances.

    GEF funds are disbursed through three  Implementing Agencies!  The United Nations  Development Programme (UNDP); The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP); and The World Bank (WB).

     BIODIVERSITY is defined as the variety and     variation within living organisms at the genetic, species and the ecosystem levels, and the interactions between them.  In practical terms, of relevance to African governments, biodiversity or the variety of life, is the basis of most household and community existence, providing not only food and shelter, but income support.  Biodiversity is one of the great comparative advantages that East Africa has. The three countries of East Africa together constitute a MEGA BIODIVERSITY region of the world!