Kakute Limited

   The Company For Technology
     Dissemination and Training

Kampuni ya Kusambaza Teknolojia

Promotion and Training in Appropriate
Technology fir Micro and Small

1.0 Introduction

Kakute is a private limited liability company
which was established in 1995 by the founder
members who have acquired extensive knowledge working experience under a number of reputable projects and organisation for an average of more than fifteen years.

For the past five years the company was engaged in variety of activities and focusing on manufacturing/ production services.

2.0 The Vision

kakute's philosophy is to provide knowledge and ways of getting access to inexpensive proven technologies which reduce the physical strain on their customers, particularly women while increasing their productivity and in turn their levels of income.
kakute's secret lies in accessing proven technologies, finding the cheapest way to manufacture and distribute them to their customers.

3.0 Objective

The main Objectives of kakute are:-

To provide consultancies in rural technologies and offer management services for projects with such orientation.

To manufacture products of relevant to rural settings.

To act as dealers of training for technologies and products of relevance to rural setting.

To act as dealers for agricultural inputs and products.

4.0 KAKUTE Offers/ Services

Training of group and artisan in manufacture and repair of appropriate technologies.

Management and supervision of production of::_

Oil seeds processing
Post Harvest technologies
Low cost housing.
New and renewable energies.
water supply and sanitation.

Consultancy Services in design, manufacture, marketing and sales.
Project management and execution.


Our target customers
Promotes orgainsations in the same field.
Rural development projects.
NGO's and CBO's.
Farmers groups.
Government institution.

5.0 Partners and collaborators

With a vast and rich experience in wide range of products and technologies Kakute limited partners organisation are:-

HPI - Tanzania: FAIDA - SEP, GEF Project
Approtec - Kenya, VETAID, TEMDO, IPI
UDSM, PAMOJA - USA, Mckninght foundation, TIP, TASO, SOLAR & BIOGAS, SARI, UTC - Usambara UNEP - SEAF


1. Ram press
2. Oil seeds and its products.
3. Soil Cement block machine
       * Soil Cement blocks
4. Solar drier
5. Biogas
6. Water pump
        * Peddle pump
        * Hydrum
7. Non timber forest products such as


Sunflower/ Seed/ Oil 7 Cake
Jatropha seed/ Oil/ Soap
Oyster nut seed/ Oil
baobab seed/ Oil
Trichodesma seed

Design of Ram press BP 30 and BP 20 and production of 320 Ram presses 1994 - 1999
Production of Jigs and fixture for Ram Press 1995.
Train on rural technologies for Loliondo artisan 1996.
Train of manufacture and rural artisan or ram Press technology - 1996.
Collection of 8000 kgs Trichodesma seed from eastern & central regions of Tanzania.
Supply and installation of 25 biogas plants, 1997 - 1999
Production of different products:
120 Fuel saving cooking stove.
10 Shallow well pump.
25 Cinvan Ram block making machines.
70 Treadle Pump for Irrigation
22 Tubular biogas plants
4 Solar drier.

Market study and impact monitoring of ram press - 1996.
Impact monitoring of Biogas in Arumeru district 1998.
Repair of 32 biogas plants in Arumeru - 1998
Study of Needs Assessment for Alternative Income Generating Activities for Communities in Simanjiro District.
Study on Skills needs for the informal sector in Arusha region.
Ram press demonstrations for the farmers in Tabora region.
Jatropha project in Monduli District Arusha region.

TASO Agricultural show ground.