GEF Projects in East Africa

No                             Title Agency Focal Area Country Type Amount* Year Notes
FULL PROJECTS              
R1 Lake Victoria Environment Management Programme WB BD / IW KTZ Full 35 mill 1996 Ongoing
R2 Lake Tanganyika UNDP BD / IW T,Za,Co,B Full 10 mill 1996 Ongoing
R3 Lake Malawi WB BD / IW Malawi Full 4 mill 1993 Malawi with minor research sum to Tz.
R4 Inst Support to Conservation of EA Biodiversity UNDP BD KTU Full 10mill 1992-6 Over in 1996, implemented successfully
R5 Cross Border Reducing Biodiversity Loss UNDP BD KTU Full 12.6mill 1998 5 year project, ongoing
R6 Birdlife, NGO - Govt Partnerships UNDP BD 10 Africa Full 4mill 1997 WCST is National Birdlife Partner
R7 Land Degradation Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda UNEP BD - LD KTU B   1998 To involve UNDP/OPS in operations
R8 Land Degradation Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda UNEP BD - LD Rw T U A   1998 To involve UNDP/OPS in operations
R9 Rift Valley Lakes of East Africa UNDP/EP BD Eth,T K B   1998 Joint implementation through two Agencies
R10 Coastal Forests of East Africa UNDP BD K T A   1998 Block B developing
R11 Botanical Zoological Taxonomic Networks UNDP BD KTU Eth Pipe   1998 First planning meeting in Nairobi July 29
R12 PLEC People, Land Environment and Change UNEP BD Several Full   1997 Ongoing, Mount Meru is Tanzania site
T1 Eastern Arc Forests UNDP BD T B   1998 Joint implementation WB/UNDP in Block B
T2 Wildlife Critical Corridors UNDP BD T Pipe   1998 Planning with TANAPA, Wildlife Div
T3 Mnazi Bay UNDP BD T B   1999 Full. Approved in May 2000 Council
T4 Mount Kilimanjaro UNDP BD T Idea   2000 Follows from 1999 Workshop
SMALL GRANTS PROGRAMME UNDP BD / CC T On 0.2mill 1998 Several projects developing
MT1 Corridors from Selous to Rovuma UNDP BD T A   1998 Block A approved
MT2 Jozani Forest Zanzibar  (MSG) UNDP BD T Full     Full MSP approved
MT3 Kitulo Plateau, Mbeya (MSG) UNDP BD T Idea     Concept paper with UNDP
MT4 Medicinal Plants UNDP BD T Idea     Concept paper with UNDP
MT5 Wetlands and Waterfowl UNEP BD T, SA, Nig B   1999 Starting preparation
  Biodiversity SAP with NORAD, not GEF              



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