No Title Imp Ag Focal Area Country Type Amount* Year Notes
R1 Lake Victoria Environment Management Prog WB BD / IW KTU Full 35 mill 1996 Planning a second phase
R2 Inst Support to Conservation of EA Biodiversity UNDP BD KTU Full 10mill 1992-6 Over in 1996, implemented successfully
R3 Cross Border, Reducing Biodiversity Loss UNDP BD KTU Full 12.6mill 1998 Ongoing - MTR just completed
R4 Birdlife, NGO - Govt Partnerships UNDP BD 10 Africa Full 4mill 1997 EA Nat Hist Soc is National NGO Partner
R5 Land Degradation Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda UNEP BD - LD KTU B 1998 North Kenya Uganda part on hold*
R6 Land Degradation Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda UNEP BD - LD Rw T U A 2001 Block A approved. Mbarara meet 29/6
R7 Botanical Zoological Taxonomic Networks UNDP BD KTU Eth Pipe 1999 PDF B drafted Uganda endorsed
R8 Soil Biodiversity. Several countries UNEP BD Several Full 1999 Makerere is National Partner
R9 PLEC (People, Land, Environment Change) UNEP BD Several Full 1998 Makerere is National Partner, in Mbarara
R10 Kijani Trust (Sustainable enterprise funding) WB IFC BD Several Full 2001 Awaiting all countries endorsement
                               b) National
U1 Bwindi Trust Fund WB BD U Full 4.2mill 1995 Ongoing, finishes in2001
U2 Support to Uganda Wildlife Authority PAMSU WB BD U Full 10 mill 1998 Ongoing.
U3 Albertine Rift Forests UNDP BD U B 0.35 1999 PDF B starting.
SMALL GRANTS PROGRAMME UNDP BD CC U 0.25 Several developing projects/ tranches
U4 Mt Kei, etc in NW Uganda  UNDP BD U Idea 1998 With Proposer for modification
U5 Wetlands in Uganda UNDP BD U A 1999 Block A endorsed. NGOs/Govt
U6 Kibale Wild Coffee WB BD U MSP 0.75 1997 Ongoing
U7 Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan WB BD U EA 0.125 1997 BSAP in final stages
U8 LUCID: Land Degradation - Biodiversity UNEP BD / LD U TR 0.7 2000 Starting MUIENR Partner
(Climate Change) We have less information)
Photo-Voltaics UNDP
Energy Investment WB
Inventory of GreenHouse Gases Enabling Act


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